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FAQ : Golf Club Washer Sets Your Golf Course Apart

Where is a good location to put a TourSpin Club Washer?
The TourSpin can be located virtually anywhere; the ideal location is normally between the 18th green or practice range and the cart drop or parking lot.

How much should I charge per customer to use the TourSpin?
It’s up to you. A good starting point is $2 per wash.

How do customers pay to use the TourSpin?
The TourSpin operates on tokens: you determine your policy and control distribution. You may also choose to offer it free to members.

Do I need my staff to operate the TourSpin or are customers able to operate it on their own?
The TourSpin can be used as a self-service, service-assist, or full-service wash station. It is up to you to determine what role you would like your TourSpin to play.

I want a TourSpin; what are my purchase options?
We suggest that you purchase a TourSpin if you expect to see 40 or more users a day. However, there are two other ways to profit from the TourSpin: Revenue sharing and Rental. *Please visit our contract page for details

Do you provide the cleaning solution or can I use any kind/brand?
The TourSpin operates solely on high-pressure water and precision spinning Venturi nozzles. No chemicals or soaps needed!

What are the maintenance requirements?
Virtually none. The TourSpin is specifically designed for easy, low-maintenance operation.

Does the TourSpin use a lot of water washing golf clubs?
No. The TourSpin is designed to have a small ecological footprint.

Does the TourSpin only clean golf clubs?
No. In addition to club washing, the TourSpin features a built-in automatic ball washer and high-pressure air gun for blowing grass off shoes.

How long does it take to wash a full set of clubs?
The TourSpin thoroughly washes a full set of irons and hybrids in less than a minute!

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