Golf Course Club Washing System

From Washing Pros Who Love

A Passion for the Game

We have a passion for golf, and we have a passion for clean clubs. Riveer, the parent company of TourSpin, is a leading manufacturer of engineered wash water recovery and automated cleaning systems. Avid golfers, like Riveer President Matt Petter, know that clean clubs are more than a sense of pride — they are tools that perform better when the club face, including grooves, is clean. Not just a towel wipe down clean . . . “tour spin” clean.

The TourSpin Club Washer fills a unique niche in the golf course service, plus the club, ball and shoe cleaning capabilities help keep any harmful turf from traveling to the next course . . . a problem that spreads invasive species and fungus.

If you’ve had the opportunity to play the courses of Europe and Asia, you know that post-round equipment cleaning is not reserved for private clubs but is rather quite customary throughout the golf industry. We firmly believe that TourSpin helps better course conditions, service and player experience with clean clubs.


We strive to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, offering service and support not only during but after the sale as well. That’s why 34 percent of Riveer sales come from existing satisfied customers. We’ll work closely with you in proper installation and training of the TourSpin system.

The TourSpin is specifically designed for easy, low-maintenance operation. We understand that after thousands of rounds, season after season, you may need consultation, service and even aftermarket parts. You can rest assured you’ll receive prompt attention from Riveer so that your TourSpin experience is positive for you, your staff and your players.

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